Our mission


The mission of the SAMVA Fund is to support the realization of financial compensation agreements following a mediation process between a victim and a teenage offender. 

Our Values

Responsibility | Commitment | Reparation

SAMVA = Support for Mediation Agreements between a Victim and an Adolescent 


SAMVA allows a teenager who has committed an offence to assume his or her responsibilities following the conclusion of a mediation agreement intended to financially compensate his or her victim. The fund also enables the teenager to better understand what it means to repair the damage he or she has caused to a victim, as well as to develop a sense of responsibility for his or her actions.


SAMVA is a tool that offers the teenager the opportunity to raise the money needed to honour his or her commitment to the victim. As a result, the teenager agrees to work a set number of hours within a non-profit organization.



SAMVA offers victims the opportunity to receive financial compensation and responds to the limited financial resources of many teenagers. The fund allows victims to receive concrete compensation for any financial losses that the offence may have caused.

At the heart
of restorative justice

For almost 40 years, many organizations in Quebec have been working together to develop and implement alternative practices in the justice field.

The Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) is the law that applies to young offenders. It sets out the principles, rules of procedure, and penalties applicable to young people who, at the time of the offence, are at least 12 but under 18 years old.

The measures planned by the YCJA seek to promote the rehabilitation and social reintegration of young offenders, as well as to repair any harm done to the victim and the community. The criminal justice system for these young people is, therefore, distinct from that for adults.